Looking for a local expert to help you sell your goods and services on the internet?

LDD Web Design is here to help. We can help you understand what people experience when purchasing your products on the internet and, using that knowledge, we can design a simple and comprehensive process for purchasing to ensure that you do not lose customers throughout the purchasing process.

We are familiar with all the common WordPress shopping carts and after selecting the best cart for your company, we will seamlessly implement it with your current website.

WordPress Shopping Carts - eCommerce

Mobile Ready Responsive Website Shopping Carts

Today, almost everyone has a smart phone.  You are missing out on valuable traffic if your website is not mobile ready or responsive.

All our websites are built being mobile ready and responsive because:

  • It makes it simpler for users to share your website with a single URL
  • It helps Google’s algorithms to accurately index your site without having to signal the existence of corresponding desktop and mobile pages
  • It is far simpler to maintain the content on one site rather than a desktop and mobile site
  • It reduces the possibility of the many common mistakes that affect mobile sites, such as the page showing up incorrectly or missing images
  • It increases your SEO because most search engines will lower your ranking if your website is not mobile ready