Have you ever visited a really bad website?

Is your website confusing your customers?If you have, we’re sure you’d remember. Confusing navigation, broken links, unreadable fonts, spelling and grammar errors…the list could go on and on. It leads to you pulling out your hair in frustration and abandoning all hope as you close the internet page. We know that as a business, that’s the last thing you would want for your customer or potential customer to experience. We know you want to give every single visitor the best experience they can have. That’s why LDD Web Design has compiled this list of seven things to help make your website as clear and simple to everyone as it can be. If you’ve read the list and know or guess that your website is missing ease of use, give us a call at 505-792-2375. We can help you implement these ideas and more!


If you use a CAPTCHA to verify that a user is a person and not a robot or a program, you may be eliminating some folks from a user experience. Those who cannot read the CAPTCHA code may be unable to enter it correctly and won’t have access to the information. You should add an audio element to your CAPTCHA, or have even more user-friendly alternatives, such as pictures or patterns. You receive verification. They receive access. Win/win!

2. Tagging photos

Image tags help identify what your website is about.If your images don’t load properly or a user has them blocked, they’re missing out on part of your website. If you simply add an alt tag to your images, then everyone is able to experience the content you worked so hard on. An alt tag tells your visitors what the image is if it cannot be displayed or viewed. The Americans with Disabilities Act dictates that all images must have an alt tag.

3. Small files and quick download/upload times

Large graphics and files slow a user’s ability to upload your website or their system may simply not even be able to access it. The bottom line is, if you have large files, you’re making your site slow. Make sure your website images, files and graphics are all as small as they can be. Quick upload times are appreciated by all.

4. Standard files

Make sure any content published or available on your website is available in a readily accessible format. For example, PDF documents are easily viewed by any system. MS Word files or WordPerfect files are not.

5. Accessible navigation

Make your website easy to navigate.Make sure each button, category, or action step is easy to find and understand. The more straightforward your website navigation, the easier it will be for each and every visitor to access your site’s pages.

6. Label all form input elements

If you have a form for visitors to fill out, make sure each element of your form is labeled. This will ensure your visitors know what information is supposed to go into the form.

7. Make links obvious

If you have links for visitors to click on, make sure they are obvious. Text links, embedded or otherwise, all need to stand out from the rest of the content. Consider bold, underlined, or colored formatting to set them apart.

If you’re thinking right now that your website may be missing some of these elements, or it’s been such a long time since you’ve even looked at your website that you have no idea, give us a call at 505-792-2375! Our team of experts would love nothing more than to help you make simple additions to drive up traffic, or even revamp your website entirely.

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