LDD Directory Lite - WordPress Plugin

The LDD Directory Lite plugin is the best way to add a powerful, fully functional and free custom directory to your WordPress powered web site.

The Directory is extremely user friendly, ready to go pretty much out of the box. One of our primary focuses is ensuring that it integrates with almost any theme, anywhere, anytime, and we have utilized the power of Bootstrap to ensure that the Directory is 100% mobile ready and responsive. It won’t break all that hard work you’ve put into making sure your site works on any medium.

Official WordPress.org page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ldd-directory-lite/

Official Website: https://plugins.lddwebdesign.com/

The long road to here.

The LDD Directory Lite WordPress plugin began as we imagine most WordPress plugins do. That is, it was spawned from a specific client need for which there were no readily available solutions at the time.

We needed a simple directory listing where users could submit and update their own information with logos, descriptions and contact information. At the time, most of the available options either had way too many features which were unnecessary or didn’t quite accomplish what we needed, so we wrote our own plugin. Thus the original LDD Business Directory was born.

What’s new in the plugin?

A lot has changed since the first version of our directory plugin. Many changes to the WordPress core software, best practices, and new technologies have pushed us to keep innovating and updating the features and functionality of our little plugin.

The LDD Directory Lite plugin has come a long way. Currently compatible up to WordPress version 4.7, we have moved the plugin over to the Bootstrap framework, so it is completely responsive and should look great on any device. We’ve improved the shortcodes and sorting options to make the directory easier to work with, and we’ve also developed some advanced add-ons for the plugin to allow for some awesome new functions.

Where are we going from here?

In the future we plan to enhance the functionality of our plugin, develop even more add-ons and hopefully build out LDD Directory Lite into a real powerhouse for adding an advanced, easy to use directory listing to your website.

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