A great way to add interest to your content marketing strategy is to include infographics. It’s a visually engaging depiction of otherwise boring data-driven information and it can effectively highlight the facts you want your audience to take away. We here at LDD WebDesign have come up with some tips for you on how to best create and use infographics.


Use Online Tools

It’s not as hard as it used to be to create infographics. You can use a lot of online sites (like Piktochart and Canva) to help you create or you can hire a professional.


Choose Your Colors Well

Choose Your Colors Well
You goal is to expand your brand, so you should make sure to stick to the colors used in your logo and other marketing pieces. If that does not work for you, use colors that fit the mood of the infographic you are creating. Remember, when it comes to colors, less is more. Try not to use more than four colors, or use one color in various shades.


Find Engaging Images

When you look for images, be creative. Pick photos that help explain the data in ways that aren’t as typical as what others might find.


Use Graphs Creatively

Use Graphs Creatively
When using infographics, variation is key. Using colorful pie charts, bars, and so forth helps bring attention to your data. You can also add word clouds (using an online app called Wordle) and eye-catching typography. Don’t just put the data on the page–let it help you tell a story of growth, accomplishment, and success.


Use a Vertical Infographic

Studies about how people read on the internet reveal that they tend to read vertically rather than horizontally. Online, you’ll use space more effectively and make more of an impact with a vertical infographic.

Anytime you want to convey lots of numbers and data, the best way to do it is in pictures and words. Your audience is going to be more likely to understand and remember what you’re telling them, as well as even wanting to share it with others.

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