Color strongly affects our emotions

Did you know that simply changing the color of your website can change your conversions and sales? Color strongly affects our emotions, which means that choosing the colors for your website is not just a black-and-white decision.

You want your website to fit your niche and audience, right? Studies dating back even to the 19th century have proven that color has a vast impact on why we choose what we choose and that it is significantly more than any other feature, such as the smell or texture of a product. We here at LDD Web Design have cultivated a list for you of the most popular colors and the emotions they evoke so that you can make an informed decision when building or redesigning the aesthetics of your site.

Psychology of cholor in webdesignRed is generally associated with love, passion, danger, excitement, action, and adventure. It’s a great color if you want to grab someone’s attention because it helps to create a sense of urgency in the viewer.

Blue is often used to exhibit a professional image because it is associated with trustworthiness and success. Because of its calming nature, it is often used to help promote productivity and represent maturity.

Green denotes sustainable living, health, and nature. It is a color that symbolizes life, wealth, and harmony and is most often used as a subconscious way to encourage people into making decisions.

Oranges and yellows suggest creativity, celebration, and fun. Many times they are used to draw in impulse shoppers because it stimulates the part of the brain that promotes enthusiasm. However, yellow, if used too much or too often, can create anxiety.

Color in design

Purple is commonly used to represent royalty and luxury. It is used in brands that want to be known for being creative and imaginative yet mature and wise.

White is clean and modern. Its simplicity invokes both the ideas of perfection and of creativity, since it is a foundation upon which anything can begin.

Black, while it can be dark and mysterious, is also solid. It’s a color that leaves no room for doubt and ensures people of authority, reliability, and strength.

Do the colors on your website presently support the image you want to portray and have the desired effect on prospects and visitors? If you’re unsure, consider making minor changes and testing and tracking the results. Test the color of your headline, your background, and your forms. If you realize that your site is not performing to the best of its ability, give LDD Web Design a call at 505-792-2375. Our extensive knowledge of design elements can help make building or redesigning your site simple and enjoyable. We can help make sure that you are taking full advantage of the effect color has in motivating and inspiring people.

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